Our projects

Mobile Applications built native for Android and iOS or by the use of React Native.

Web applications built with the latest Angular or React.

Smart Contracts developed with Solidity in the Ethereum blockchain.

SecureBeam App

SecureBeam combines all your personal cloud storage accounts to the biggest and safest place in the web. SecureBeam encrypts and splits each single file right on your smartphone and distributes the data chunks to different cloud storages.

expressFlow delivered an innovative mobile security app with award winning encryption technology. SecureBeam was developed natively for mobile platforms Android and iOS and for Windows and Mac OS X Desktops.

expressFlow combined innovative UX with top-notch and performant security approaches. A combination that is absolutely unique!

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TapKey App

Tapkey is proud to be leading the digital access revolution. The company is committed to making it surprisingly easy and convenient for people to instantly and securely control locks of all kinds with just their smartphone or even chip-enabled credit card.

At the same time, Tapkey makes it surprisingly easy, efficient, and profitable for all of channel partners from lock-makers to hospitality chains and more to reduce costs and increase productivity by easily integrating and securely delivering this empowering and liberating technology to their end users, whether they are hotel guests, car renters, office workers.

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