Drop your keys

Martin, 18.02.2013

No more passwords anymore!

Our last update simplified the access to the keys of your encrypted files. Now you are able to drop these keys on the expressFlow website to decrypt the document.
You do not need to enter the password, nor the fileId manually. Just drop the key. Let's see:
Drop your key

After you encrypted the file, download the key and keep it private.
You can push the encrypted document in your preferred cloud store - no one will be able to read it's content. Just the user with the key.
To decrypt the document, just open it from your Google Drive or drop it from your Dropbox on the website. expressFlow analyzes the file and asks you for the key:
Drop your key

Simply drop the previously downloaded key on the decrypt canvas and you are done. You do not worry about passwords or fileIds anymore - just keep your keys private.

Drag 'n Drop

Martin, 27.11.2012

A new approach to encryption

With the release of our new Dropbox integration we also improved our encryption engine: It automatically checks, what to do next:
encrypt clear files or decrypt encrypted files. You just have to drop a file.
To encrypt your files before pushing them to Dropbox, simply drop them to our website:
Encrypt your files with a drop
Easy, right?

Well - but the real benefit comes in decrypting the file:
Drop your .aes - file from your Dropbox App folder to our website:
Decrypt your files with a drop
The engine automatically recognizes that this is an encrypted file and asks you for your TAN. If you provide the correct TAN, your file is decrpyted safely and you are able to push it to your Google Drive.

We strongly recommend to store encrypted and decrypted versions of your files on different cloud storage providers.

17.09.2013 - More services, more security

expressFlow now supports OpenID!
That means you can now log in with your existing:

Welcome! Encrypt your files with a drop

But we've got even more:

The all new Box App - App!
expressFlow is very proud to announce it's launch in the Box Apps Marketplace!
Now you can push your encrypted file smoothly into your Box account. Just drop a file on expressFlow and push it to your personal Box account.
Happy encrypting!

13.06.2013 - We won!

expressFlow won the third place as best "Cloud service" of this years Constantinus Award. Awesome!
Read more

06.06.2013 - New release

We are absolutely thrilled to announce our latest release:

  • File size increased to 15 MB.
    Drop even bigger files than your email can handle and send it secured by military strength encryption over the wire.
    More space, same price
  • Share your key with friends.
    expressFlow now sends you keys to your BIG files (> 5 MB). You are now absolutely safe to share the encrypted file in your cloud store with anybody you trust. Sending your friend the key, enables him to decrypt the file.
    Share your files with friends SECURELY

16.02.2013 - Drop your keys

You cannot remember your passwords?
Well, you do not have to anymore: Drop your key on the expressFlow website to decrypt your document in the cloud.
No passwords to remember anymore!

06.02.2013 - Gimme the keys

Some releases are bigger than others - and very few are bigger than planned. Well, as we always expect the unexpected the latter is quite common with our expressFlow releases. We are proud to present the following major release notes:

  1. Stronger passwords:
    Weak passwords are among the Top IT Security risks 2013. Therefore expressFlow enforces strong passwords by suggesting sample passwords (which fulfill the strong password policy). Anyway, a user is able to define her preferred password, as long as it meets the minimum requirements.
    This feature is available for all users

  2. Download your keys:
    You can now directly download your keys of your encrypted documents. You do not even need to login to download your keys! Just drop a document on the expressFlow website and after the document is encrypted, you can directly download the key. One of our main priorities here at expressFlow is to enable our users transparent and simple access to the keys of your encrypted documents. Download your keys, store them safely in your personal data safe - and push your encrypted documents to the cloud! Anyway, when you login, we store your keys for you. It's up to you ;-)
    This feature is available for all users

  3. Extended functionality with the handling of native Google Documents:
    You can now encrypt native Google Documents, Google Spreadsheets, Google Presentations and Google Drawings with expressFlow: Directly open the created Google Document with the expressFlow App with the context-menu to encrypt your Google Documents directly from your Google Drive:
    Encrypt GDocs
    This feature is available for authenticated users only

All users You do not need to login to expressFlow to access this feature.
Authenticated users You need to login with your Google account, to access this feature.

Constantinus Award 2013

Schladming, Austria

The Award

The Constantinus Award was created by the Austrian Professional Association of Management Consultancy and Information Technology to promote excellent consulting and IT-services.

This national award is celebrated in five different categories and we submitted expressFlow to the categories "Projects for individual enterprises" and "Standard software and Cloud services".

expressFlow was nominated...
Isabella Weindl, Aleksandra Izdebska, Martin Vasko and Alfred Harl (left to right).

After the first review-phase expressFlow was nominated from more than 140 submitted projects for the Constantinus in both categories which is already a nice achievement.

And finally at the "Constantinus Day" expressFlow won the third place in category "Standardsoftware and Cloud services".
Many thanks to all our users, friends, fans and supporters who made this possible!

... and won the 3rd place!

Press kit


Vienna, Austria - 01.10.2012
expressFlow - a file automation service in the cloud - enables users to easily encrypt business critical files in popular cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive. In contrast to existing cloud storage services expressFlow gives back control over their files to the users. The files are processed in the cloud and the instructions how to process these files in the cloud - so called "flows" - can be configured in a flexible way. expressFlow combines the high availability of cloud storage services with the security and the access control features of an traditional backup-solution for business critical documents.
The consequent adoption of cloud computing technology shifts the computing usage - CPU utilization, memory consumption, etc. - completely in the cloud and eases the access to the service.

About expressFlow:

expressFlow was founded in September 2012 by Martin Vasko. The idea of workflow automation in the cloud was born several years ago: 2009 Martin researched for his Ph.D. thesis and did not find any useful results - so he decided to build his own. He submitted it to the Microsoft Innovation Award and won the third place as "most innovative StartUp in the web".


Wien, Österreich - 01.10.2012
expressFlow, ein Dateiautomationsdienst in der Cloud, ermöglicht Benutzern die einfache und schnelle Verschlüsselung sensibler Dateien in existierenden Cloud-Speicherdiensten wie Dropbox oder Google Drive. Im Gegensatz zu herkömmlichen Cloudspeicherdiensten gibt expressFlow die Kontrolle über sensible, unternehmenskritische Dokumente oder Dateien vollkommen in die Hand der Benutzer und verarbeitet deren Dokumente schnell und einfach konfigurierbar. Damit kombiniert expressFlow den Vorteil hoher Verfügbarkeit von Cloud Speicherdiensten mit der Sicherheit einer verschlüsselten Backup-Lösung für geschäftsentscheidende Dokumente.
Durch den konsequenten Einsatz von Cloud Computing Technologie entsteht für den Benutzer kein Mehraufwand und die Dateien können ohne den Verbrauch von Rechenleistung des Benutzers in der Cloud schnell und sicher verarbeitet werden.

Über expressFlow:

Das Unternehmen expressFlow wurde 2012 von Martin Vasko gegründet. Die Idee für Workflowautomation in der Cloud entstand aber schon weit früher: 2009 lieferten die Recherchen zur Dissertation keine befriedigenden Ergebnisse und so entstand der erste Prototyp von expressFlow. Dieser wurde zum Microsoft Innovation Award eingereicht und erhielt prompt den dritten Platz als innovativstes StartUp im Web. Seitdem wurde konsequent an der Weiterentwicklung des Prototypen zu einem fertigen Produkt gearbeitet und schliesslich 2012 released.