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SecureBeam App

the smart way to connect your clouds securely

SecureBeam combines all your personal cloud storage accounts to the biggest and safest place in the web. SecureBeam encrypts and splits each single file right on your smartphone and distributes the data chunks to different cloud storages.

expressFlow delivered an innovative mobile security app with award winning encryption technology. SecureBeam was developed natively for mobile platforms Android and iOS and for Windows and Mac OS X Desktops.

expressFlow combined innovative UX with top-notch and performant security approaches. A combination that is absolutely unique!

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Responsive, stylish Website

Bootstrap-based responsive One-Page application

The SecureBeam website is a SSL-secured, performance optimized project website to communicate the concept of the mobile security application SecureBeam right to the point: Simplicity!

expressFlow developed and maintained the SecureBeam website based on the popular web-framework Bootstrap.

Beyond the technical realization of the SecureBeam website, expressFlow optimized the search-engine indexing for SecureBeam to optimally align the mobile security application with the need of the audience: the simple and secure combination of popular cloud-storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive.

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Secure Push

Native secure push notifications for latest iOS and Android platforms!

The secure push technology implemented by expressFlow enables mobile apps for Android and iOS a secure push messaging integration right from a cloud-based backend. This means: Fully flexible, highly scalable, industry-strength security for realtime messaging. Available right for your next great app.

The secure push SDK enables app developers to integrate public-key based cryptomodules for their realtime messaging app - in a couple of minutes!

Build an encrypted chat in just 10 minutes for iOS and Android! We already pepared your backend!

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Lean development

we consequently adopt lean software development

we adhere to the lean software development principle: After a short Build-phase we evalute the user feedback and extend the existing app consequently to a full-fledged, innovative product.


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